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Starting a business comes with a variety of hurdles that a business owner must overcome in order to be successful. One of those hurdles is finding the right heavy equipment financing so that you can run your operation effectively. At The Funding Booth in Long Beach, CA, we are passionate about helping construction contractors, manufacturers, store owners, and other businesses that utilize heavy machinery get the financing they need to do their job right. Read about how we’ve helped these recent businesses receive funding, then contact us to get help funding your next piece of equipment!


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Being a contractor comes with its ups and downs. On the one hand, you have the freedom to take on the jobs you want, but on the other, you are responsible for the equipment needed to do those jobs. To get the job done right, you need the right heavy equipment funding. That’s why we are ecstatic to have helped one of our contractor clients get $450,000 to fund a new, large-diameter drill, mounted on an excavator. Our client was approved for CORP only, without the need for any personal guarantee. With a $0 down approval and a 72-month term, this contractor was able to get to work!

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Telecommunications Startup
Going from renting equipment to owning it can be a difficult transition for startups. After renting a Vermeer drill package with a payment of 18k per month, our telecommunications contractor client was ready for the next step. With $550,000 in funding, we were able to help them pay off the balance on the rental and finance a 2nd brand new drill package. Our client was able to double their crew size to keep up with demand, and their monthly payment for two drills is under $11,000 per month! Compared to the 18k they were paying just to rent one drill, this approval was a tremendous help to our client.

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Mattress Manufacturer
Manufacturing is a big industry, and to do it right, you need the right equipment. We were able to help our mattress manufacturing client in Texas just that. With only CORP and APP approval, and no personal guarantee or financials required, we were able to help them secure 140k in funding. That’s with $0 down, a 60-month term, and 100% pre-funding to the manufacturer.

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General Store
Purchasing a business can be an exciting endeavor, however, it can make getting approval for heavy equipment financing slightly more challenging. This was the situation with our client from a rural part of Washington who had recently purchased a feed/general store from the previous owner. She was looking to purchase two mini excavators to help with her new business. With our help, our client was able to secure $37,000 in funding at $0 down over 24 months.

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Med Spa
Expanding a business is yet another exciting aspect of business ownership. Although, ensuring a second location is equipped with all of the essential equipment it needs to operate just as efficiently as the first location can be expensive. This was true for our Med Spa client who needed to finance a medical laser for their additional location. We were able to help them secure CORP approval without any personal guarantee. This got them 130k with a 60-month term and no money down!

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